September 26, 2017

Loopor Cloud Suit


Loopor Cloud Suit

With cloud telephony take your marketing and sales to next level, User can manage multi logins, call routing, lead management, We have got a smart IVR system with caller Id management with analytical reports. All these tools boosts your business productivity and enhances customer experiences. These tools have become industry standards and helps you to streamline your business operations.


Customised CRM and Call Automation

For every customer we did specific configurations hence With easily configurable call flow and automated scheduling makes Loopor Internet an industry pioneer of customised cloud telephony solutions.

We Are

We are team of passionate Engineers and technocrats who believe in customer success and on mission to make the world better place with blockchain based services. We are in early stage of development of blockchain solutions using hyperledger fabric.

We believe blockchain will disrupt the current business scenarios and change the business forever, to be part of this valuable change we started with cloud telephony based CRM integration services which are fully customised for each and every customer we serve. We strongly believe each and every business is unique and we cannot fit a single software solution.

A single meeting can get best of ideas to streamline your business problems and get best solution advice for You!!

REport generations

The report generation is impressive and loopor cloud suit software has help you to gauge the number of representatives needed for the inflow of support calls. It is very easy to navigate and your team just loves the transparency within the software. Onboarding was an easy task and staff has always received a personalised customer service. Highly knowledgeable technicians in place who will be more than happy to serve You all the time 24/7!!


We always strive to make customer information safe and secure, to get real time customer updates about calls, receiving , follow ups, call back status on the go. It is always best practice to be aligned with customer expectations and time, real time call automation and iSmart CRM gives your business a cutting edge to deliver more than your competitors and stay ahead in game!!